Bilpin Blush Pink Lady Cider

Bilpin Blush Pink Lady Cider

Bilpin Blush Pink Lady Cider was launched in June 2014. In a low-key launch during the middle of winter, this boutique cider maker from Bilpin in the Blue Mountains of NSW has demonstrated an innovative and creative approach to the cider market that offers consumers something new and different.

Bilpin Blush is made using only a single variety apple – 100% Pink Lady Apples. Fermented to 3.5% ABV, it delivers a lovely Pink Lady apple sweetness on the front pallet and finishes crisp and clean. Each 330ml bottle of Bilpin Blush contains 1 standard drink.

The launch of Bilpin Blush represents a number of firsts in the cider category:

- The first launch of a mid strength offering with 1 standard drink per serve;
- A naturally sweet cider without added sugar , syrups or concentrates;
- Using only freshly crushed Pink Lady apples.

The Australian cider consumer now has a genuine alternative to the artificial flavors that are a function of adding concentrates, sugar and syrups. By using only Pink Lady apples, we are able to deliver a product with genuine sweetness without using the artificial methods of the alternative offerings in the market. At 3.5% ABV, it also offers 1 standard drink per bottle.